Footage Search

For our documentary Rapid Response we’re trying to locate photos from the early days of motorsports safety and from specific races that contributed to the development of racing safety. Are you a photographer or do you know a photographer who covered any of these events? Please send us a message.

  • 1978 Texas World Speedway, College Station TX – On April 14, 1978 Al Unser suffered a severe head injury at Texas World Speedway in College Station, TX during a practice session. He returned to the track in May to win the Indianapolis 500. We’re searching for any photos or photographers from that era who might have been shooting during that weekend. The race was broadcast on CBS (we’re not sure if it was national or local) but we have yet to locate a copy of the race. (A broadcast of the second race at the same track during the same season does exist.) We’re also looking for general photos of the track from the late-1970’s. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • 1984 Sanair Speedway, Sanair Canada – In 1984 during the first CART race at Sanair Speedway, driver Rick Mears suffered terrible foot and ankle injuries in a crash during a practice session. Television cameras caught the moment of the crash, but we’re searching for any additional photos of the aftermath and extrication from the crash. Additionally, we’re searching for photos of the track and venue from that era (preferably during a CART race weekend).
  • USAC Safety Team – Photos of the safety workers and safety truck that traveled to USAC racing events are rare. We’re searching for photos from the 1970s that might catch the safety team in action. USAC sanctioned many different types of races but we’re primarily looking for open-wheel races and the USAC safety truck.
  • CART Safety Truck – We’re looking for a few photos of the Championship Auto Racing Teams safety truck from the late 1970s – early 1980s. This is before the truck was sponsored. It’s a fairly plain white pickup truck with lettering that reads “CART 1” on the side of the truck. (There is also supposed to be a “CART 2”, but we haven’t seen photographs of the second truck.)

The best way to contact us is to fill out the form below if you have any information that could help us locate photos from these historical events: